Zhu Jiahe

Born 1979, Shaanxi Province
Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Xi’anArts Institute ln 2003, Participates in the Japanese portraits exhibition His works has been described as “local and contemporary” folk drawings. Inspired by the Northern Shaanxi folk song “Xin Tan You”, his series of oil paintings on the song won the first award in the Shaanxi Youth Oil Painting Art Exhibition.

“Catches Up With Life “,”Blue Flower”, “Family”, “Mother And Child Sentiment”, “Handkerchief With Sheep Stomach”, “Chatting” and many others have been collected by overseas collectors. In 2004, his series on “Xin Tan You” participated in the Shanghai Science and Technology Hall Work exhibition, The China and France Cultural Exchange exhibition, and the exhibition “The Series of Love” in the Bund art hall.