Zheng Bo

Born 1957, Shenyang, China
Mr Zheng Bo is now an assistant professor and lecturer of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Chinese Artist Association.

In 1983, he graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts specialising in oil painting. After graduation, he became a teacher in the academy. His paintings took part in many local and foreign art exhibitions, and many of them were collected by local as well as foreign art collectors. A number of his paintings were awarded in the National Art Exhibition. In 1988, he participated in a cultural art exhibition held by the Liaoning Art Gallery. This exhibition is a display of the paintings of 3 artists where they rode along the Yellow River Valley and painted when inspiration hits them.

Recently, he received a major commission to be the chief designer of a huge (54 sq. m) wall mural at The NaQu Hall of the Government Party Meeting Centre in Lhasa, Tibet, entitled “The People of Tibet” (Zangbei Fengqing).