Wang Yan

Born 1956, Anshan City, Liaoning, China

1977      Admitted to the Oil Painting Department of LAFA.

1982      Graduated with B.F.A. and has been a teacher in the Oil Painting Department since then. Associate Professor of the No. 2 Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.
Member of China Artists Association and China Oil Painting Society.

1984      “When the Spring Breeze Comes” exhibited at the 6th National Art Exhibition received a prize for excellence and collected by China Art Gallery.

1985      “Girl Embroidering Flowers” exhibited at China Youth Exhibition.

1988      “The Call of Spring” exhibited at the art exhibition held by China Red Cross, received a prize for excellence.

1989      “Boy Seeking for Balance in the Dusk” exhibited at the 7th National Art Exhibition, received a silver prize and exhibited in Japan and collected by Shanghai Art Gallery.

1992      “After the Rain” exhibited at 1992 Two-yearly  Exhibition in GuangZhou, China.

1993       “Endless Dusk” and “Days with Sunshine” sent to Singapore and exhibited in a four-person exhibition.

1994      “Burning Summer” exhibited at the 2nd Oil Painting Exhibition of China.

1994      “The Beginning of Hot Summer Days” exhibited at  the 8th National Art Exhibition.

1995      “A Woman in Red Skirt”, “Winter Without Snow” exhibited at the Joint Exhibition of Fifteen Young Chinese Oil Painters, Nanjing.

1996      “Lonely Trip” exhibited at the 1st Exhibition of China Oil Painting Society.

1997      “My Father-in-law” exhibited at the  100-Year Exhibition of Chinese Oil Portrait.

1999       “Dust” exhibited at Shenyang Dongyu Art Museum Collected Art Work Exhibition.

1999       “Dead Bird” and “Awaiting” exhibited in 1993 Qingdao International Invitational Art Exhibition.