Wang Jiafang

Born 1959, Shanghai, China

  • Graduated with Masters’ Degree from Huadong Normal University, Department of Fine Arts.
  • Member of Chinese Artists’ Association.
  • Shanghai Artists’ Association Haimo Chinese Painting Working Committee, Vice-Chairman.
  • Member of Shanghai Calligraphy Association.
  • Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Institute, specially appointed Artist-in-Residence.
  • Shanghai Technological University, School of Artistic Design, Visiting Professor.
  • Shanghai Baogang Artists Association, Chairman.

1993      “Clearing Up After Rainfall”, 1st National Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition, Merit Award.“The Eternal Soul” selected for the 8th National Art Exhibition.

1995      “The Former Residence of Zhou En’lai”, Shanghai Hundred Landscape Chinese Painting Exhibition, Silver Award.

1997      “Forever”, 2nd Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition, Merit Award.

1998      “The Misty Rain” participated in “Sea Level” 98 Painting & Sculpture Exhibition.

1999      “The Dawn in the Valley” selected for the 9th National Art Exhibition.

2001      “The Vast Autumn Water”, New Century Chinese Painting Contest, Gold Award.

2003      “The Clouds from the Secluded Valley” selected for “The Provinces of Zhe Jiang, Jiang Su and Shanghai Cities” Famous Artists Landscape Exhibition.

2004      “The Series of Landscape” selected for the “Sea Level” 2004 Painting & Sculpture Exhibition.
“The Impression of the South of An Hui” selected of the 2nd National Exhibition of the Western Region, Landscape & Scenery.
“Clouds of the West Valleys” selected for the 10th National Art Exhibition, Shanghai.
“Timeless in the West”, 1st National Chinese Art Association Selected Chinese Painting Exhibition, Merit Award.

2005      “Later Autumn” selected for the Shanghai Art Exhibition.
“Eternal Scenery”, 2nd National Chinese Art Association Members’ Chinese Painting Exhibition, Merit Award.
“Landscape” selected for the 100 Artists Jinling Exhibition (Chinese Painting).