Lin Fan

Born 1946, Shanghai, China
1966         Graduated from the Shanghai School of Arts and Crafts.
1982- 1993   Studied at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

She is presently a lecturer in the Chinese Painting Department of the Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts, a member of the Chinese Artists Association (Shanghai Branch), an Academician of the Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute and an artist of the Shanghai Huang-Pu Art Academy.

The artist is renowned for her traditional Chinese Fine Line paintings of the human figure, and her style is readily recognizable by the prominent local and rural flavors in her works.  Her works have been exhibited, printed in catalogue of Nationwide Young Artists in China and presented as gifts to Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. In 1989, she held an individual exhibition in Singapore and in 1990, she held a joint exhibition in Japan and Taiwan.