Han Tianheng

Born in Shanghai, China
His father, Han JunMing taught him to draw pictures, wirte Chinese characters and cut seals.

From 1955 Masters Zhen ZhuYou, Fang JieKan, Ma GongYu, Fang QuJi, Lu WeiZhao and Xie ZhiLiu successively taught him to draw pictures, write Chinese characters and cut seals both in skill and theory.
Participated in Xi Ling Press Exposition.

From 1978 Published “A Collection of Han TianHeng’s Works of Painting and Seal Cutting”, “Seal Cutting in China”, “Han TianHeng’s Ink Painting of Flowers and Birds” and other works and writings (over 20 items)”. Served with Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy as Design Painter.

From 1981 Member of jury for a series of nationwide or international expositions of calligraphy and seal cutting. Deputy Director of Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy.

From 1986 hold individual painting exhibitions and made academic lectures in Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, etc.
His works preserved in the British Museum (London) and other institutions. The British International Centre Books on biographies of world celebrities edited by the British International Biographic Centre and the U.S. Biographic Association have an entry of his biography for several items.

  • Part-time Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
  • Won a prize awarded by Japanese Minister of Education for his works.
  • Deputy director of Xi Ling Press.
  • Won a 3rd-grade prize at the First National QualityCompetition of Dictionaries for his book “A Chronological Table of China’s Painting”.