Gong Lilong

Born 1953, Dalian, China
1982    Graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department. Upon graduation, he was appointed the post of Assistant Head of the Art Department, Shenyang Teachers’ University.
In 1984, he was given a teaching post at LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department, No. 1 Workshop.

He is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Liaoning Artists Association Council Member, and the Vice President of the ShenYang Artists Association.


  •   1980    2nd National Youth Art Exhibition
  •   1992    Bronze Medal in the National Art Exhibition.
  •   Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing. (Excellence Award)
  •   Guangzhou Art of the Nineties Exhibition. (3rd Prize)
  •   2nd National Watercolour & Gouache Exhibition. (Excellence Award)
  •   North East Oil Painting Exhibition. (1st Prize)
  •   8th National Art Exhibition. (Excellence Award)

Works have been collected by the Chinese Art Museums, as well as collectors from the USA, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.