Chi Zhenming

Born 1961, Shanghai
In 1988 graduated from the Arts Department of East China Normal University studying oil painting as his specialty. He is currently a member of Shanghai Fine Arts Association and of the Watercolor Painting Association of China.
In 1990, his works “The First Ray of the Morning Sun in Stockade Village of the Dong Nationality” and “Color of the Rain” were exhibited in the large scaled Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings of China held in Hangzhou and were awarded the “Golden Horse” prize.

In 1992, his painting “The Drizzle Falling Thickly and Fast” was awarded the Bronze Medal at the 1992 Large Scaled Watercolor Painting Exhibition of China held in Hangzhou. His painting “The Bridge Made of Slab Stones” was awarded the prize “Excellent Work” at the 2nd Watercolor and Gouache Painting Exhibition of China.
In addition, he held his personal exhibition at Taiwan’s Picasso Gallery in 1992 and had since participated in many joint exhibitions held abroad. His painting “The Morning” was auctioned successfully at ’95 Sotheby’s Autumn Auction.
In 1996, his painting “The Bright Pearl of Shanghai – South of Waitan” was displayed at the 1st Watercolor Painting Exhibition of China.
In 1997, his painting “The Metropolis in the Rain” was hung at the 4th Watercolor and Gouache Painting Exhibition of China.