Chen Shizhong

Born in Shanghai, China.

1981 Member of the Shanghai Artists’ Association.

1982 <Flowers> chosen for the Shanghai Artists’ Association Exhibition.
Arts.Painting selected for the Shanghai “Sea Horizon” Exploration Art Exhibition.

1983 <Cool Beauty of the Autumn Lake> entered the Nepal 1983 Art Exhibition.
<Wisteria> entered the France 1983 Chinese Youth Brush Painting Exhibition.

1984 <Morning Dew> 6th Annual National Art Exhibition – Shanghai.
<Longevity> 6th Annual National Art Exhibition -  Shanghai.
Appointed as Shanghai University Art Education Research, Department of Chinese Painting, Head of Department.

1985 <Banana Tree in the Rain> Shanghai Exhibition of the Arts.
Appointed as lecturer for the Shanghai Artists’ Association, Art Research Class.

1986 Work selected for Japan 1986 International Art Exhibition.
<Autumn Pond> First Sino-Japanese Goodwill Exchange Artists’ Exhibition (Kyoto Art Museum).

1987 <Discourse on the Art of Flowers and Birds Painting> published by Shanghai Institute of Education.
Work selected for Chinese Gongbi Painting Exhibition (Tianjin Yang Liu Qing Art Society).
<Chen Shizhong Flowers & Birds Paintings Collection> published in Singapore.
exhibition and talks organized by Maha Yuyi Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
Talks on Chinese Brush Paintings organized by the National University of Singapore.
Talks and Demonstrations on Flower and Birds Chinese Brush Paintings organized by Yishun Junior College, Singapore.
<Cranes and Pine> collected by the Singapore National Museum.

1988 <Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboo & Chrysanthemums> 4th National Youth Art Exhibition.
Work selected for 88′ Shanghai Chinese Brush Painting Joint Exhibition.
<Spring Rain> France, Italy Shanghai Chinese Brush Painting Exhibition.
<Contemporary Artist Collection – Works of Chen Shizhong> published by Tianjin Yang Liu Qing Society.

1989 <In the Pond> 7th National Art Exhibition.
<Song of Life>  published in “Lotus World” by Singapore Xiao Tao Seal-Engraving & Calligraphy  Society.
Work selected for Shanghai Liberation 40th Annual Exhibition.
Solo Exhibition in Taiwan Li Ming Art Center.
Works published in Shanghai Transport University, Department of Literature, periodical.

1990 Member of the Chinese Artists Association.
Work selected for the United States of America Chinese Contemporary Brush Painting Exhibition.
Appointed as Advisor for Shanghai Transport University, Department of Literature.
<Early Dawn> 90′ Shanghai Chinese Painting Exhibition.

1991 <Lotus> Singapore Contemporary Chinese Artists Exhibition.
Biography published in Contemporary Chinese Artists Directory.

1992 <Clear Delight> collected by Shanghai Transport University.

1993 Works selected for 1st International Art Exhibition (Taiwan, Gaoxiong)

1994 Appointed as part-time lecturer for Shanghai Foreign Language Institute, Art Research Department.

1995 <Early Morning Spring Dew> National Floral Art Exhibition.
Work selected for Shanghai Artists Association Annual Exhibition.

1996 <Winter’s Rhythm> collected by Shanghai Library.

1997 Works published in (China Famous Flowers) with commemorative cards collections.
“Collection of Flowers and Birds Painting” published by Shanghai People’s Art Publication.
<Autumn’s Song> Shanghai Hongkong Joint Art Exhibition.
<Flowers & Birds> Shanghai Art Association Foreign Members Art Exhibition.
Shanghai Cable Television Cultural Program – The Art of Chen Shizhong’s Flowers & Birds.

1998 5 paintings selected for 98′ Shanghai 100 Artists Art Exhibition.

1999 <Spring in Jiangnan> Shanghai Democratic Progress Society Art Exhibition.
<Autumn Song> Shanghai City 50th National Day Welcoming The Return of Macao Exhibition.
Participated in the Shanghai Art Research Institute Annual Exhibition.
Awarded Senior Lecturer by Shanghai Art Research Institute.
<Lotus> Shanghai <Contemporary Vision> Art Exhibition.
Works published in Shanghai 100 Artists Art Collection.
Shanghai Education Television Program – The Art of Chen Shizhong’s Flowers & Birds.

2000 <Myriad Colours of the New Millennium>
Exhibition organized by Orchard Gallery, Singapore.